Delhi University, B.A. (Hons), Social Work, First Year Papers


Social work is one of the subjects that are quite famous in Delhi University. The subject is chosen by many all across the country, and studying it in Delhi University is like a dream come true.

Paper Description:

The subject Social Work is one of the most active and an offbeat subject as far as current scenario of Du is taken into consideration. A lot of people from India as well as Abroad prefer this course in DU. The course is study of the service to mankind and techniques to work in the welfare of the mankind. The subject involves study of various kinds of social works and various kinds of methods through which people in the society can be benefitted.

Paper Pattern:

The paper pattern of Delhi University B.A Hons in social work, first year papers is simple and easy. The first year paper is divided into three parts with names I, II, and III. Paper I and paper II is of 348 marks each and is to be completed in 2 hours only. The paper III of the subject is of 75 marks and is to be completed in 3 hours. Paper I and II has 5 questions in it. However, candidates need to answer any 3.

Paper I has question number 1 compulsory, and paper II has question number 5 as compulsory question, to be answered by everyone. Paper III has all together 8 questions in it, and candidates are requested to answer any 5. The question paper is in English as well as Hindi. One can choose any one language and can write the answer. But one will have to make sure that the paper is completely written in that language only.

Total marks and time duration:

The main paper of this subject is paper III with 75 marks and the time duration in which the paper has to be written is within 3 hours.

Recommended books:

Social work by Springer Publications
Direct Social work Practice by Dean H Hepworth, Ronald H Rooney

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