Delhi University, B.A. (Hons), Social Work, Second Year Papers


B. A. (Hons.), Social Work is designated for those students who believe that they can return the society what they have got. It is a practical course which has field work as its integral part. The course teaches the students to help the people to help themselves.

Paper Description:

The second year paper of the course mainly consists of Personality Development& Human Growth, how to manage the social deviance and social problems, Social Psychology, area of social development.  In the present day of globalisation, this course plays a vital role to produce such people who are aware of their duty to the society.

Frequently asked questions:

The whole paper is totally based on the practical knowledge. Questions on Social development, social psychology are asked repeatedly. Any candidate appearing for this paper should have a good practise of field work. They should have some area of social work. It also demands a good writing skill. The syllabus is such designed that it totally fulfils the demand of the present society deviance and social problems.

Paper Pattern:

Delhi University, Second year paper of B.A. (Hons.), Social Work is of subjective type.  The paper is very conceptual and there is no word limits for any answer. There are five sections in the question paper, each section has 2 questions. Candidates have to answer 5 questions, one from each section has to be attempted.  Every question carries equal marks.

Total Marks and Time allotted:

Total marks in the paper are 75 and time allotted for it is three hours.

Recommended Books:

Techniques and Guidelines for Social work practice by Bradford W. Sheafor
Skill training of Social Workers by Sudha Datar

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