Developments in and through communication engineering


Due to the fast developments that have taken place in the field of Communication Engineering field, this industry has now emerged as the next business revolution. This tremendous growth was expedited because of the growth that has occurred in both in information as well as technology. With the advent of technology in the field of radio frequency, the trend is moving from narrow band to wide band with the utilization of software defined radio, digital processing devices, intelligent antennas and code division multiple access.

The addition of the mobiles with the Communication Engineering proved that there is no meaning in fixed networks. The Communication Engineering area has only started its development recently and there are lot more areas that still remain unexplored.

Development and Communication

The proper utilization of the country’s human and material resources leads to the development of the country. The development is also achieved by the production of goods and services which in turn leads to the welfare of the people. Over the two last two decades the role of communication in cultural as well as in socio economic developments have been recognized.  The knowledge and the technology should be shared effectively in order to realize the full potential of the development.

Communication Engineering helps the people at all levels to communicate efficiently and to recognize the issues, while finding suitable solutions. It also builds up a sense of identity and participation to build their decisions.

The new ways of implementing things is called development. The new ideas and methods can be made available to the people through Communication media. Thus it encourages the transformation of new methods and ideas. The communication approaches are inestimable in improving the coordination and team work to attain development.

We are living in an age of communication revolution. According to FAO and many other agencies, the Communication Engineering has now reached the stage where it can contribute to the developments in an effective way.

Development through Communication Engineering

The human development in today’s new climate of social change is promoted by the Communication Engineering. The people can start feeling their own change by the decentralization of the market economy and democracy. But it is very important to energize their awareness and capabilities. Several policies have to be established which encourages the wise planning and effective implementation of Communication Engineers. In order to make an overall development, more investments have to be made in the research fields of communication engineering. The new generations have to utilize the scope of Communication Engineering effectively through proper planning so as to create a developed society.



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