Difference between UI Designer and Web Designer


User interface designing and website designing are two related job profiles in software industry. User interface is the part of the computer software that acts as an interface between user and the system. It may appear in the form of icons or hardware buttons which is commonly called as graphical user interface or GUI. The windows and buttons, the user employs to communicate his ideas to the system also come under graphical user interface. Web designer is one who is concerned with the development of website or webpage. Both the job profiles deals with the design aspects of a software product. Though both the profiles are similar in certain features, there exist slight differences between both of them.

User Interface Designing and Opportunities

In order to get in to the job profile of UI designer, the candidate should possess adequate knowledge and skills in software programming. A bachelor degree in Computer Science or related subjects will be useful for the candidate to attain the necessary skills on the same. The aspirant should be proficient with software tools such as HTML, Flash, CSS, and AJAX. As UI designing is indispensable part of most of the software programs, professionals in this profile can find lot of career opportunities in India as well as abroad.

Web Designing and Opportunities

Those who have passed diploma or certificate courses in web designing are eligible for the position of web designer. Bachelor degree in Computer related subjects will be an added advantage for the job. They should also be proficient with most of the software designing tools in order to make the webpage more attractive.  These professionals can find opportunities in web designing firms or in IT firms, which deals with software product development.

Key differences between UI Designer and Web Designer

  • The basic difference between UI designer and Web designer is that the former deals with user interface designing where as the later is involved with designing of websites or web pages.
  • A UI designer should be expert in software programming languages where as web designer must be proficient in mark up languages and software designing tools.

UI designer is usually concerned with the single aspect of interface designing where as web designer deals with the design aspects of the entire project.



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