Difference between Web designer and Web developer


Web designing involves designing a web site or web page layout using graphic programs. Web designers are experts who have creative ideas in designing so as to highlight the graphical elements on a page. However, web development refers to the study of computer software packages in order to construct the back end of a web page. Web developer’s job profile mainly involves making new programs by applying the different software packages for a specified purpose. The former deals with the external looks of the site whereas the latter highlights the interior aspects of the particular website.

Web Designer courses and career opportunities

There are many web-designing courses that an aspirant can pursue after intermediate exam or graduation. Some of the web designing courses includes HTML, CSS, Photoshop, SQL and ASP / PHP, Flash and so on. There are many other macromedia development packages that the candidates can do in order to become a web designer. On completion of these short-term programs, they can seek for employment in multi national companies or in any other private undertakings.

Web Developer courses and career opportunities

Those who have completed the masters’ course in Computer Applications or any other computer software courses like JAVA, .NET, VB.NET can become web developers. There are excellent employment opportunities prevailing for these professionals. On completion of their course, they can seek for career in public sector as well as private sector. Entering into jobs, they can expect good scale of pay’s. With experience in the field, their remuneration may also exceed according to their potential.

Key differentiators Web designer and Web developer

Web designing helps in grabbing the viewers’ attention by highlighting the backgrounds of a webpage by methods of beautifying it whereas web developing helps in the process of developing programs so as to enter into the particular site and collect the required information from the website.



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    sir,i hav taken science group in 11th 12th, now i wanna do web developer course.is am eligible?

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    i m a web developer.after web development what i do?