Difference between Aluminium Fabricator and Interior designer


An Aluminium Fabricator is a person who deals with the assembling of major aluminium components. The basic qualification of an Aluminium fabricator is a high school diploma or its equivalent exam and they must have also undergone training in the field. Some organizations offering Aluminium fabricator jobs also demand that the candidate should have General Knowledge of blue prints. Some others demand a certification in various specializations in Aluminium Fabrication depending on their job profile.

An Interior designer is a person with responsibilities including planning, designing and furnishing the interior environments of residential, industrial as well as commercial buildings. Most of the firms offering job opportunities for an interior designer demands certifications in various specializations in interior design apart from the basic schooling. They should also have a basic skill in designing. Some reputed firms demand a major in Interior design or Architecture in the college level.

Aluminium Fabricator and Opportunities

There are a lot of job opportunities for an Aluminium Fabricator in India in both public sector as well as private sector. They are also offered a considerable salary. They can also engage in self employment. Some of the top companies that are working purely in the Aluminium Fabrication field include the following.

  • Samarth Engineers, Pune
  • Unique Decor, Delhi
  • R. K. Metal Engineering Works, Noida
  • Ram Tech, Chennai
  • Brass forge, Faridabad
  • Sun Shine Industries, New Delhi
  • Glow Sign Enterprises, Bengaluru

Interior designer and Opportunities

An interior designer has a lot of job opportunities in both public sector as well as private sector. They can also start a venture of their own. An Interior designer is well paid in reputed organizations. Some of the top interior design companies in India include the following.

  • Hallmark Interiors
  • Monalisa Interior Decorators Private Limited
  • Lord Interior Designers
  • Rigid Global India
  • Ravi Jaitley Associates

Key difference between Aluminium Fabricator and Interior designer

The job profile and the employment areas of an Aluminium Fabricator and Interior Designer are entirely different. An Aluminium Fabricator requires certifications and basic training in Aluminium Fabrication whereas an Interior Designer requires certifications in Interior Designing and also a degree in that field. An Interior Designer is paid more than an Aluminium Fabricator. The job opportunities and the reputation of the job profile for an Aluminium Fabricator and Interior Designer are also different. Generally a Interior Designer will enjoy a better social status when compared to a Aluminium Fabricator.



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