B.Sc in Bioinformatics, Bioinformatics B.Sc


B.Sc (Honors) in Bioinformatics is one of the blooming and rapidly growing branches. Bioinformatics is basically a combination, or better say application of information technology in Biological sciences, specifically molecular biology. Thus, the standard of the course B.Sc in Bioinformatics can easily be understood and estimated. B.Sc in Bioinformatics (Honors) is widely applicable to our surrounding and is hence gaining popularity day by day.

One needs to be 10 + 2 passed with biology in order to get admission into the course of B.Sc (honors) in bioinformatics.

Course Outlook:

The course is basically of three years, and is divided into three parts. Each part is of one year. One needs to clear an examination in order to get promoted to the next part. These examinations are held generally every year.

Job Prospects:

The job prospects after getting the degree of B.Sc (honors) in Bioinformatics are huge. Sectors like Pharmacy, Biotechnology, and Biomedical Sciences etc are open for them. Along with that they also have an option of being a part of the research projects.

Best Places to Pursue:

Bioinformatics Institute of India

Amity Institute of Biotechnology

CMS college of Science and Commerce

Dr NGP arts and Science College

Jamia Millia Islamias



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  1. 19
    sandeep kaur:

    best instution offering bio. informatic in patiala
    what should i take after b.sc
    how much percentages is complesroy

  2. 18
    apoorva jagadale:

    i m completed 12th tell me career options in bioinformatics

  3. 17
    alka dadhwal:

    plez tell me is their any difference between BINC and NET ………………….BOTH R D SAME THINGS OR DIFFERENT

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    good instutions offering bioinformatics in kerala /tamilnadu

  5. 15

    job in bioinformatics?

  6. 14

    Can we pursue or study genetics after M.B.B.S. ? PLEASE GIVE THE NAMES OF INSTITUTES OFFERING SUCH COURSES.

  7. 13
    Rukmadhar Nath:

    My son Shri Adhiraj Nath wants to know about the colleges where he can get his admission into B.Sc. course in bioinformatics with admission criteria.

  8. 12

    sir, iam currently doing my +2 exams and i would like to do Bsc bioinformatics.my +2 option was biology and informatics practices.please suggest me a suitable instituton in india for the same.

  9. 11

    is there any bio informatics colleges in kerala?

  10. 10

    what are the P.G courses available for a bsc.bioinformatics graduate?

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    sachin bole:

    what is silabuse

  12. 8
    sachin bole:

    what is silabuse

  13. 7
    Priyanka rana:

    I m doing bsc medical bioinformatics from gndu univ . This is my final year.is there isany scope of job after completing my graduation or wht can i do betterof in this feild to found goodjob.

  14. 6
    jakir husain:

    sir, i m pursuing B.Sc. bioinformatics 2nd year
    & i want to do job after B.Sc. , then what can i do?

  15. 5
    vinoth kumar:

    whethere any campuss interview related to bioinformatics jobs conducting in india? If it soo , where it is?

  16. 4
    Zaid kamal madni:

    1).What is the difference between B.Sc. Biotech & B.Tech Biotech?
    2).If i opts for B.Sc. Biotech then what is its future aspects?
    3).For a better career planning what should i do further?

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    sir, i have sone b.sc. in bioinformatics
    & now i want to do job & further study
    what can i do?
    plz, suggest me.

  18. 2

    after Bsc. in Biotechnology , which is better Msc. or MBA ?
    What kind of job is avilable after Bsc. only?
    can i do Post graduation in Bioinformatics after Bsc. in Biotech?
    please giv me information on forensic feild and molecular biology, can i join any of this feild ?what is the scope in these feild after Bsc.?

  19. 1

    if any jobs in colleges or any institutions or other side in bio informatics line?
    what are all the procedures to apply?