Difference between Dairy Technology and Dairy Management


Both the Dairy technology and Dairy management deals with same agro based field. Even though they deal within the same field, the factors and work nature differs a lot. Dairy technology includes taking care of milk giving cattle in addition to processing and gaining of milk. Dairy management includes the various principles involved in the management of dairy industries.

Dairy Technology

Amongst all other industries in the country which plays a most important role in the agro based market is the Dairy industry. Dairy technology involves acquiring and processing of milk into a wide variety of dairy products. In India, more than 60% of the total population is involved in the agro related production either directly or indirectly. Professionals working in this field are usually called Dairy technologist. They are directly involved in the scientific and quality aspect of the dairy industry. These professionals work in this field in order to improve and apply diverse methods in the processing, conservation and consumption of milk and it’s by products. There are number of courses available in this field in India, both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and for getting admission in these courses students have to undergo an entrance examination. Most of the universities organize their own admission tests.

Dairy Management

With the advancements in the higher education, the professional skills are taught at different levels of study. One such diversified field is the dairy management which involves many tasks and principles. Nowadays the dairy sector has become a full-fledged field with its modern technology. The various applications of principles in the management of dairy industry are one of the main aspects of the dairy management. India is said to be the second largest milk producer in the world. In the past few years, Indian government has given more care in the dairy production and that resulted in the management of dairy farming in the professional line. The whole process taking place in this field such as processing of milk, its transportation to diverse markets, distribution, etc. all needs some professional management care. Dairy management courses are offered in many universities in the country. The course aims in providing students about the basic knowledge in the production, designing and management of the dairy industry. It also covers different areas like entrepreneurship, improvement in the milk conservation, dairy processing and management of dairy farms.

Key differentiators between Dairy Technology and Dairy Management

  • Dairy technology includes obtaining and processing of milk with various technologies to make it into different products whereas Dairy management involves the different principles and tasks in the management of dairy industry.
  • Dairy technologist are only involved in the various methods and techniques needed for making diverse dairy products whereas the dairy management professionals have to manage the whole process taking place in the dairy farms, from obtaining the milk to its distribution as various by-products.

The dairy technology and dairy management are involved in the dairy field. Although they are in same field, the work nature and prospects differs in many aspects.



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