Difference between Geo Informatics course and Geomatics course


Geo informatics and geomatics are gaining importance now a days due to its wide scope and upcoming job opportunities. Job opportunities are plenty in government sector which offers a good pay along with a respectable job position. Candidates who are interested in geomatics and geo informatics can take up their studies in the respective area. They can specialise in the field which better suits their interest.

Geo informatics and opportunities

Geo informatics deals with the structure and nature of spatial information and also addresses the problems related to geography and geo sciences. They gather data related to geography and geo sciences mainly using remote sensing satellites. Geo informatics as a course of study includes:

  • Terrain Evaluation and Land use Planning
  • Remote sensing and satellite image processing
  • Natural Hazards and Disaster Management
  • Introduction to geographic information systems
  • Integrated Coastal Management
  • Fundamentals of Natural Resources Engineering
  • Digital Photogrammetry and GPS
  • Applications of Geo informatics are in the following areas
  • Agriculture
  • Architecture and archaeological reconstruction
  • Aviation and maritime transport
  • Business location planning
  • Criminology and crime simulation
  • Environmental modelling and analysis
  • Local and national gazetteer management
  • Meteorology and climate change
  • Military
  • Oceanography and coupled ocean and atmosphere modelling
  • Public health
  • Telecommunications
  • Transport network planning and management
  • Urban planning and land use management
  • Used in-car navigation systems
  • Virtual globes

Geomatics and opportunities

Geomatics is otherwise known as geospatial technology. The main focus of geomatics is on spatial information. Geomatics include

  • Geographical information system
  • Computerised data bases and applications
  • Computer science
  • Graphical processing
  • Cartography
  • Photogrammetry
  • Statistics
  • Remote sensing

Geomatics is gaining importance and is widely accepted now a days. There are lots of job opportunities prevailing in this field. Many colleges provide geomatics from the graduate level for those who wish to seek a career in the respective field.

Key differences between Geo Informatics and Geomatics

Geo informatics mainly deals with structure and nature of spatial information where as geomatics combines the idea of geo informatics with other disciplines such as geodesy. To differentiate geo informatics and geodesy is really a difficult task but both have its own advantages and benefits. One needs to understand the opportunities and benefits which help in identifying the advantages, scope and importance of geomatics and geo informatics.



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