Difference between Medical Lab Technologist and Medical Lab Technician


Medical Lab Technologists perform a wide range of duties that includes high intricacy chemical tests on blood samples, tissue and other body fluids and evaluation of test results. They also develop and modify measures, and also supervise methods adopted to ensure the accurateness of tests. On the other hand, Medical Lab Technicians are professionals who prepare samples, operate mechanized analyzers and also carry out moderate level laboratory testing works under the supervision of a Medical lab Technologist.

Medical Lab Technologist Course and Career Opportunities

In order to become a Laboratory Technologist, aspirants have to study the Bachelors’ course in Science specializing in Chemistry or Biochemistry. Those who earn a Masters’ degree in the concerned areas can expect senior most positions in the sector. They also have to undergo Clinical laboratory works so as to perform their work efficiently. In addition, they have to pass the Clinical Pathologist Certification exam so as to become a Certified Lab Technologist. These professionals mostly work as Laboratory managers, supervisors or Specialists. They can seek out for career in health cares, pharmaceutical companies, blood donor centers, independent laboratories, and so on.

Medical Lab Technician Course and Career Opportunities

Intermediates in Science streams pursue the diploma or short-term lab technician course so as to become a Medical Lab Technician. They can study the program in vocational, technical school, private institutes or from the armed services. As there are so many specializations available in the course, candidates can pursue the Medical Lab Technician course in their desired disciplines. After completion of the course, these professionals can look out for employments in clinical laboratories, public health agencies and research institutes, pharmaceutical companies and so on.

Key differentiators between Medical Lab Technologist and Medical Lab Technician

  • Medical Lab Technologists are senior most designations in the laboratories whereas Medical Lab Technicians are entry-level positions in the same.
  • The former require an advanced degree along with Lab Technologist Certification so as to enter in to career whereas the latter require only an intermediate completion along with short-term laboratory technician course certificate.

Even if Medical Lab Technologists and Medical Lab Technicians are experts who work in laboratories, their area of study and job profile varies to a larger extent.



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