Medical Lab Technologist - How to become a Medical Lab Technologist?


Medical Lab Technologist otherwise called a clinical laboratory scientist plays a major role in the field of healthcare. Their responsibilities include verifying and performing various diagnostic tests and report them to the doctors who use this information to treat the disease of a patient.

A Medical lab technologist searches for the basic clues of the presence, extent, absence or causes of particular diseases. They are responsible for finding these different states by conducting the diverse diagnostic tests efficiently and accurately. Their work should be perfect for high-quality patient care.

These professionals can specialize in different areas such as hematology, immunology, virology, chemistry, microbiology and so many. They can perform in all levels of the testing process and an experienced professional can move up to the positions in lab management, direction or even in the forensics.

Qualifying Exam

To become a medical lab technologist, one should have a minimum qualification of undergraduate degree in medical technology or clinical laboratory science. Many universities in India offer this undergraduate programme. The academics of this four year degree will include the core subjects in biology, anatomy, chemistry and physiology. Apart from these a coursework on hematology and immunology is necessary.

After this four year programme, candidates will be required to undergo a clinical training programme or internship programmes. At this stage they will get the chance to conduct various diagnostic tests on human blood, tissues or body fluid as an associate to an experienced professional. They can then specialize in diverse fields and obtain a degree in that to become a licensed medical lab technologist.

Who is eligible to apply?

All candidates who have pursued pass in 12th examinations or equivalent from reputed institutions can join for the medical technology degree programmes. They should have studied biology, physics and chemistry as compulsory subjects at the 12th level. Most of the universities or institutions organize entrance tests for the admission of candidates. And the minimum percentage of marks required for the qualifying examinations will vary depending on the universities.

Key points in the process

  • Pursue a pass in the 10+2 examinations with good academic scores from any reputed institutions. Biology, physics and chemistry must be compulsory subjects in the 12th level academics.
  • Search for the universities which offer the undergraduate programme in medical technology such as B. M. L. T. (Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Technology) or D. M. L. T. (Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Technology) and pursue the degree.
  • Acquire experience through the clinical training programmes or internship to get an exposure in this field.
  • Gain addition certified degree qualification in any specialized areas.
  • Search jobs for the post of medical lab technologist and apply for it.

Skills required for a Medical Lab Technologist

To perform successfully in this field, medical lab technologist should have some skills. They should have a good analytical mind and must pay attention to the minute details. The most important qualification needed is the patience. They should treat the specimens as well as the laboratory equipments carefully. In fact the way they care the specimen and equipments even reflects in the results of the medical tests carried out by them. Since they have to do the reporting in both oral and in written form, they must have good oral and written skills.



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