Difference between Medical Technologist and Medical Transcriptionist


Both Medical Technologist and Medical Transcriptionist are professionals who are working as part of medical sector. Even though the area of operation is similar, there exist certain differences in education requirements, nature of job, responsibilities assigned with them and so on. The main responsibility vested with Medical Technologist is to conduct test on blood or bodily fluids and to scrutinize the results. They are also responsible to operate, maintain and to calibrate sophisticated procedures and equipments that are employed in conducting such experiments.

Medical transcriptionist on the other hand converts audio information provided by doctors or others involved in health care in to electronic medical reports. Both the professionals can find enough job opportunities in India and abroad.

Medical Technologist Courses and Job Opportunities

A bachelor degree in any of the fields of clinical laboratory science, medical technology, or allied health technologies are the prerequisite qualifications required to become a Medical Technologist. The course study includes topics on lab management, clinical microbiology, anatomy and physiology, medical ethics and so on. These professionals can find job opportunities with medical laboratories and in hospitals or other health care centers.

Medical Transcriptionist Courses and Job Opportunities

No particular degree is required to get a job as a medical transcriptionist. Most of the firms insist graduation or pass in XII class as the basic qualification for the job. However, certain skill sets are required to get accomplished as a medical transcriptionist. They should be proficient in English language and with medical terminologies. Sufficient computer skills and keyboard kinetics can also be considered as necessary qualifications. Medical transcriptionist can work in hospitals or in other outsourcing firms involved in medical transcription. Most of the firms offer training programs to professionals during their probation period.

Key differences between Medical Technologist and Medical Transcriptionist

The job nature of both the professionals is entirely different.

  • Medical Technologist deals with testing and analyzing biological samples where as Medical Transcriptionist dealt with generating detailed electronic medical reports on voice-coded information by physicians.
  • The bachelor degree in the related field is necessary to become a Medical Technologist where as Medical Transcription job insists on skills rather than educational qualifications.
  • Medical Technologist helps doctors to carry out a diagnosis of the patients where as Medical Transcriptionist help doctors to keep track of medical information of the patient.

It is not necessary for Medical Transcriptionist to work in hospital, where as the Medical Technologist are committed to work with clinical pathology labs.



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