Difference between Mining Engineering and Geotechnical Engineering


Mining engineering is one of the many disciplines of Engineering. It is concerned with the study of the removal and processing of minerals from their natural surroundings. Geotechnical Engineering is a subdivision of Civil Engineering. It is the study about the engineering characteristics of the natural resources found on earth. These resources include the various principles behind a rock and also the mechanics in soil. These principles are used to study about the conditions of the subsurface of the earth and other materials found in natural as well as man made deposits.

Mining Engineering Course and Career Opportunities

Candidates who seek to join the graduate course in mining engineering must have a pass in class 12 with a background in science. To join this course the candidates are required to appear as well as pass in an entrance exam that is held by the individual universities. Those who have finished their course in Mining Engineering can find jobs with numerous departments of the mining industry. This covers operations, management and sales. It is also possible for the aspirants to work with geologists as to discover and evaluate new deposits of ores. Research institutes also employ students of mining engineering to research new effective methods in mining. The remuneration in this field is based on the proficiency and expertise of the candidates. The initial salary of candidates will be as much as Rs. 20000-Rs. 25000 each month. With more understanding about this field, the candidates will be able to earn more.

Geotechnical Engineering Course and Career Opportunities

Candidates who aspire to join the bachelor’s course in Geotechnical Engineering must have a pass in class 12 with Physics and Mathematics in addition to Biology or Chemistry subjects. Those who have studied Computer science and Biotechnology as optional subjects can also apply. The admission to the courses in Geotechnical engineering is done through an entrance exam. These exams will either be done on the state or the national levels. Students who have finished this course can find work with the public health department or with construction companies. It is also possible for them to establish consultancy firms on their own. The initial salary of candidates in the field of Geotechnical Engineering will be about Rs 10,000 - Rs 15,000 a month. Those who have a Diploma in the related subject may earn as much as Rs 8,000 - Rs 10,000 each month. Professionals of this field will have a monthly salary of approximately Rs 30,000/-.

Key Differentiators between Mining Engineering and Geotechnical Engineering

Both Mining engineering and Geotechnical Engineering are very important today. While mining engineering refers to the extraction and chemical removal of waste from ores, geotechnical engineering deals with the analysis of the soil, minerals and ore deposits found in the crust of the earth. The data collected on the basis of this study is utilized to design the conditions of natural or man made sites that are under construction. It is also applied to evaluate the potential harm that might happen.



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