Difference between Physics and Forensic Science


Although forensic science and physics do not seem to be too much similar, there are a few things that link these two sciences to one another. The basic thing that connects these two is the applications of physics that are used in forensic science. Most people don’t figure that different theoretical applications of physics are being applied in modern day forensics. The key differentiators between the two are mentioned below.

Physics Course and Career Opportunities

Physics is taught at the graduate and postgraduate levels in all Indian universities and colleges. One can go for M.Sc once they accomplish their studies in the graduate level. If they wish to continue their education, they can go for PhD. They can also apply for the B.Tech or B.E course of their choice.  There are numerous specializations available in physics for a person to choose from. The most important thing for students during this part is to choose a field that is suitable for them in all aspects. Upon the completion of their education, students can get work with the government sector or private sector firms. Research institutes, institutes of education and R & D centres such as the Bhaba research center, the ISRO and the DRDO etc are areas where students can get good jobs. They can also find jobs abroad.

Forensic Science Course and Career Opportunities

Students who have science background can opt for a career in forensic science. They can go for the graduate degree in Forensic science and take up the diploma course in Forensic Science & Criminology subsequent to their graduation. They can apply for jobs after this. But if they wish to get much better job opportunities it will be beneficial for them to get the M.Sc degree. To become a forensic surgeon, aspirants need to have a MD in Forensic Science. The postgraduate level courses in Forensic science are offered by many institutions within India. To join this program, a pass in the admission test will be needed by all aspirants. Universities that offer MBBA course will also offer MD courses in forensics.

Job opportunities are available for postgraduates of forensics with the legal system, law enforcement agencies of the Indian government and also with the defense services. They can also work as teachers with institutions that offer forensics courses. One can also get employed as forensic scientists with organizations such as the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) or the Intelligence Bureau (IB).

Key differentiators between Physics and Forensic Science

Physics comprises of the study of matter as well as its motion through space. It also imparts knowledge about other related phenomena like force and energy.

Forensic science can be said to be the application of the principles of science and technology as to investigate crime. This is basically done in the light of a civil action or crime.

Both these sciences have their own uses in the society. Be in individually or simultaneously, these sciences have many applications today. The biggest area where it is applied is in crime scenes and its subsequent investigation.



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