Difference between Forensic expert and Crime Scene Investigator


Although Forensic experts and Crime Scene Investigators carry out crime related works, their educational backgrounds and work atmosphere are entirely different. A Forensic expert is an individual who applies scientific principles and techniques to analyze, identify, and classify substantial evidences concerning a criminal case or alleged criminal case. However, Crime Scene Investigators are experts who are responsible for securing the crime scene and gathering and scrutinizing evidences from the crime spot that could be used for criminal convictions. They also have to prepare reports of the crime with the so collected evidences.

Forensic expert career opportunities

A wide range of employment opportunities are prevailing for forensic experts. Their career options may vary according to the course that they have pursued in Forensic Science. Aspirants can specialize in any of the Forensic Science courses like jurisprudence, criminalistics, psychiatry and behavioral science and digital and multimedia sciences and so on. After completing their course, Forensics experts can search out for career in public Forensics departments, medical schools, laboratories, Court testimony, health care, and in forensics research laboratories. These professionals use specialized equipments like as chromatographs, spectroscopes, microphotography and so on for carrying out their testing works. Entering into career, Forensics experts can expect remunerations around $44,000 per annum.

Crime Scene Investigator career opportunities

In addition to the technical knowledge, Crime Scene investigators should have some specific skills to excel in their career. They may be ready to handle any sort of strenuous situations. Crime Scene Investigators can search for employments in Government agencies or in private sector. Most of them work in law enforcement agencies, media and communication, print media, and so on. They use equipments like Tweezers, point-and-shoot cameras and even blood splatter analysis so as to look for fingerprints and DNA to unearth the murderer.

Key differentiators between Forensic Expert and Crime Scene Investigator

  • The key differentiator between Forensic expert and Crime Scene Investigator is that the former works in a laboratory whereas the latter works in the field, where the crime was undertaken.
  • Graduates in Crime scene investigation can become Crime Scene investigators whereas aspirants have to study the research programs in Forensic Science to turn out to be Forensic experts.

Forensic experts conduct research, forensic tests and experimentations on the evidences, which were collected by the Crime Scene Investigators.



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