DOEACC B Level Principles of Modelling & Simulation Papers


Paper pattern:

The course contains hours that are divided according to the topics. A set number of hours are allotted for each topic which is ample for proper understanding of the subject. The paper of system model as well as system studies has 6 hours each. So, the total number of classes for teaching of these topics is 20. This time helps in proper understanding and practice of the subject.

The course contains mathematics, Radom virate application, random number, modelling, etc. there are the main topics of the paper. The paper is a tough nut to crack hence the students should take this subject seriously.

Questions that are required to answer:

The candidate should answer 5 questions. The questions may or may be divided into parts or sub questions. Each part of each question should be answered in the same sequence as given in the question paper. The question paper has options which the students can choose. The first question in the question paper is compulsory. Total 7 questions are provided in the question papers. Out of 2 to 7 numbered questions, that is, out of 5 questions, the candidates are required to answer only 4.

Maximum marks and time allotted:

The paper of Principles of Modelling and stimulation contains 100 marks.  Te time given for completing this examination is 3 hours.

Frequent examination questions:

Question based on validation and verification of simulation models, different kinds of simulation models, Monte Carlo simulation, random sampling, etc. appear on frequently in examinations. The student must prepare these questions for better scores.

Numerous numerical questions appear in the question paper hence the students must have a thorough practice of numericals.

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