DOEACC C Level Operating Systems Papers


DOEACC is an excellent computer based training organization owned by the Ministry of IT, under the Government of India. DOEACC has different levels and Operating System paper is covered in C level. This paper gives you an in-and-out understanding of the framework where different software developed by you would be running or used as an application. Hence, you need to learn this subject well and may perhaps score better as well. For the first, you need to put in your learning shoes and get started with it; for the second part continue to read.

Do Not Expect Any Sections Or Modules In The Paper

There are no sections or division in the paper and main question are arranged all along the length of the paper.

Paper Pattern That You’d Want To Know

There are a total of seven main questions, and candidates have to attempt the first main question compulsorily. There are a total of seven sub-parts of this main question, and candidates have to attempt all of them. However candidates have the liberty to choose any four, from the remaining six main questions. Each of these six main questions has its own number of sub-question distribution. There are no internal options offered in any of the main question in the paper, and candidates have to attempt all of the sub-question offered in the paper.

Markings And Their Distribution

The total mark of the C Level Operating Systems Paper is one hundred marks. The first main question has a maximum of twenty-eight marks; however the remaining six main questions carry a maximum of eighteen marks. Though, marks allotted for the sub-question relates to its nature directly.

Time allotted for examination:

The time allotted for the examination is three hours.

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