Fee structure of B.Sc in Biochemistry


Biochemistry is a subject that deals with the study of various kinds of chemical substances occurring in the living body. As the name suggest, Biochemistry stands for biological environment and chemicals in it. Thus Biochemistry is basically a branch of science that studies the chemical compounds occurring in the living bodies. B.Sc in Biochemistry basically deals with the chemical compounds that help in building the basic constituents of the living body. The study includes the structure and the properties of the chemical components and their reactions with various other chemicals in the body in various environments.

The course is greatly in demand not only in India, but also abroad and that is why so many students are taking up this course. The various pharmaceutical companies recruit these degree holders. Various research organizations are carrying out various researches and require these degree holders. In order to meet the high requirement of this course, many colleges and institutions are offering this course to the interested candidates.

The fee structure of this course is generally different in different colleges and universities. Various universities and colleges charge different amount for this course. A rough range of the fee structure of B.Sc in Biochemistry is from 1200 to 30000 per annum. Few renowned universities like Calcutta university charges 12000 rupees per annum for the course. SD University in Rajasthan charges 19000 per year. Vels University in Chennai charges around 30000 per year for this course.

The fees of government colleges are much less than that of the private colleges. There ere special rebates on fees for the lower caste and backward class. They get special relaxation on the fees as per the rules of the government. An examination is held every year for the scholarship program for the interested and needy students.

Thus, brighten you career by opting for the course of B.Sc in Biochemistry.



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    i was completed my degree with b.sc biochem from andhra university.can i elgible for ntruhs m.sc biochem?tell me

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    sujit sharma:

    total cost of B.Sc in biochemistry

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    i got 75% in hsc.is it ok to opt for biochemistry as my career option.plz reply and give much information as needed