Fee structure of B.Sc in Mathematics


Mathematics is subject that includes study of various kinds of numerical, problems and other rules. Under this course, methods of solving various kinds of problems are taught following mathematics principle. It is one of the base subjects and is also one of the old. The course includes all the methods through which a problem can be solved. This includes the rule s of algebra and other expansion and differentiations rules.

B.Sc in Mathematics is a very popular course. It is being offered in many colleges all over the country. It is one of the old and basic courses that are practically offered in almost every general course college. The course has plenty of scopes. One can carry various researches on various topics under mathematics. Apart from that there are many another areas also where graduates from mathematics wings are incorporated. The students are taking up this course from a very ancient time and till today; the course is greatly in demand.

As mentioned earlier, this course is quite common and is available in every general course college. That is why both private as well was government colleges are seen offering this course.

The fee structure of B.Sc in mathematics is in between Rs. 2400 to 12000 per year. The fee structure varies with variation in college. Every college and university charges different amount for this course. The course is being offered in University of Calcutta, University of Mumbai, University of Delhi, Madras University and many more. The fee of the course in Calcutta University is Rs. 2400, and in Delhi University is approximately Rs. 5000 to 9000 per year. The fee is around Rs. 9,000 in Sillong College. The fee for B.Sc in Mathematics in Andhra University is Rs. 6,500.

Special concession is given to the students who are poor and are outrageous in academics. Lower and backward class students get special reservation during the admission in to the college.



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