Fee structure of B.Sc in Microbiology


Microbiology is a subject that basically deals with the study of the organism and their life span that are of microscopic size. Basically this subject includes study of various kinds of micro organism and their living cycle. The study is done for various purposes. The study is done sometimes to understand their effect on the human body and sometimes for the ways of applying them for human benefits. Ultimately the subject revolves around the micro organisms and their life cycle. This makes the subject so much interesting.

The course of B.sc in Microbiology is gaining huge popularity and is greatly in demand. The study is very much useful for various industries. Starting from drug industries to food and beverages industries, every industry takes help from this science. Many beneficial and impossible actions can be pursued by this study. That is the reason why so many students are getting drafted towards the course of B.sc in Microbiology. The number of applicants for this course is increasing rapidly. To meet up the high demand, both a government as well as private colleges is offering the course to the aspiring candidates all over the world.

The fee structure of the course B.Sc in Microbiology generally lies in between Rs. 5000 to 37500 only. The course is offered by someof the renowned universities and institutes of India. The names include Calcutta University, University of Delhi, SD University, Amity University, University of Mumbai, DCCS, SCMST, University of pune and many more. The fee of this course under Calcutta University is as low as Rs. 2400 to 6000 per year. University of Delhi charges Rs. 9000 per year for this course. DCCS charges RS. 31700 for this course, SD University charges Rs. 19000 and SCMST charges Rs. 37500 for this course.

The above mentioned colleges do provide some reservation to the lower caste and backward caste students amongst aspiring candidates for admission in to their colleges.



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    kaushik bose:

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    shubhee jain:

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    aachal pandit:

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    Adekola lateefah:

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