Fee structure of B.Sc in Nanotechnology


Nanotechnology is basically the study of things which are of very small size. The size as mentioned is very small and is of the nano level. Nano means 1/10000000000th of 1 meter.  In simpler form, it said 10 to the power of -10 meters. Thus nanotechnology involves study of various kinds of small sized object with the help of technological means. Technology has advanced a lot in the present scenario and thus its usage over the study of small object results in the formation of nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is all about dealing with very small things.

Nanotechnology is the revolution of the market. It is not only greatly in demand, but is also one of the most preferred subjects all over the world. Thus, opting for nanotechnology can be a great thing for the future. The uses of nanotechnology are still explored and the ways it can be used is creating magical environment in the field of technology. That is why it is one of the beneficial courses to study.

Seeing the huge demand, there are plenty of institutions, both government and private that offers this course to the aspiring and deserving candidates.

The fee structure of B.sc in nanotechnology generally ranges from 30000 thousand to 85000 per year. The fees of this course vary from college to college. Different college charges different fees for this course. Famous university like Amity University charges a whooping 85000 for this course. VIT charges 30000 per year for this course. Sikkim Manipal University also charges approximately 45000 for this course.  Thus the fee of the course lies in between 30000 to 85000 per year.

The government institutions offer special relaxation for the lower and backward classes. This relaxation is hardly seen in the private institutions. Special scholarship programs are also run by the government for the needy and the meritorious students.



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    Shaurya saxena:

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