What to do after B.Sc in Nanotechnology?


Nanotechnology is a newly developing field which has got exciting applications in the field of medical science, environment, electronics, cosmetics and security. There are vast opportunities available in this field for the skilled professionals. Bachelor of Science degree in Nanotechnology is a three year undergraduate course which enables the candidates to acquire enough skills and knowledge in Nanotechnology. Those who have completed this course can look for the vast opportunities available in the field of Nanotechnology.

Higher Studies Options after B.Sc in Nanotechnology

  • Master of Science in Nanotechnology
  • Master of Science in Nano Sciences and Technology
  • Master of Business Administration in Nanotechnology
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Nanotechnology
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Nanotechnology

Job Opportunities for B.Sc in Nanotechnology

Those who have completed B.Sc degree in Nanotechnology can find lucrative career opportunities in public and private sector. They can pursue their career in Research Institutes, Cosmetic Industry, Drug Delivery Industry, Environment Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Space Research Organizations and Nano Power generating sector. There are also various career opportunities available in the field of Bioinformatics, Nanomedicine, Nanotoxicology, Genetics and National Security. Various job profiles available for these graduates in different fields are given below.

  • Nano Division manager
  • Nano materials Surface Chemist
  • Senior Knowledge officer
  • Law and Policy executive
  • Quantum Transport Specialist
  • Analytical Chemist

Research jobs and consulting jobs are available for these graduates in the health industry.

They can work as Laboratory Assistant in various Forensic laboratories. Another job opportunity available for these graduates is in the food processing industry. Quality control and packaging section in this industry needs the services of the candidates who are completed graduation in Nanotechnology.  There are about thirty eight laboratories under Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) which are dedicated to the research in Nanotechnology. Thus the graduates in M.Sc Nanotechnology can find several opportunities in Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) laboratories.

Short Term Courses for B.Sc in Nanotechnology

It is better to do short term courses after completing B.Sc in Nanotechnology to widen their knowledge in any specific area. They can search for job opportunities in that particular area and pursue their career in that field. Some of the reputed Organizations demand certification in the concerned field for the candidates who are applying for a particular job. Different short term courses available in this field of Nanotechnology are given below.

  • Certificate in Competency Enhancement for ANM/FHW (CCEANM)
  • Post Graduate Certification course in Nanotechnology

Candidates can choose any of these short term courses according to their interest and needs. They should also consider the scope of the concerned course before choosing it.



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