Application of Nanotechnology


The examination and use of technology using nano particles that is as small as 100 nanometers and even smaller is called as Nanotechnology. This topic deals with a variety of fields in nanotechnology. Nanotechnology has numerous applications in medicine and electronics etc. Nanotechnology is also utilized in the polymers sector and is actively applied in all areas pertaining to it. But one thing to be debated is whether the application of nanotechnology will spread toxicity by the nano - materials that are present currently.

Areas where nanotechnology is used:

  • Consumer goods
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Heavy Industry
  • Information and communication
  • Medicine

Effects of nanotechnology in our futures:

The products that are fashioned out of nanomachines shall have strong fibers. Scientists are of the opinion that in the future it will be possible to replicate anything we want; this includes water, food and even diamonds. This is one of the better methods to eradicate famine.

The ability to minimize the size of silicon microprocessor transistors shall before long reach its final limit. Here, nanotechnology can be used to manufacture a completely new generation of apparatus for Computers. Storage devices that are fashioned like sugar cubes will have the ability to store up trillions of bytes of data within it.

The biggest impact of nanotechnology will be on the medical industry. Medicines that contain nanorobots will be given to patients as to fight diseases from the inside.

The finest thing about nanotechnology is that it has the potential to have a positive effect on our environment if used carefully and correctly.

Nanotechnology makes use of Nanochips, Nanotubes and Nanowires. Nanobubbles are used as well. The products that are created with the aid of Nanotechnology will be much simpler to use and affordable too. Besides the ones available now, there are numerous nanoproducts that are currently still being researched.

One can say that the development of Nanotech product has gone up in a very rapid rate. Approximately 3 – 4 products are being launched every week. Because of this, professionals in the field of nanotechnology are needed by all research institutes of this field for proper research, advancement as well as production of nano-materials that are user friendly. Currently we can find the application of nanotechnology in gecko tape, clothing, cosmetics and various other day to day applications in our life. Further applications that need actual use of nanoscale substances that are currently under development will soon be launched in our midst. One thing all of us must remember in mind is to use nanotechnology and its many applications judiciously. Using things as this must not jeopardize our environment in any way at all. This is because it possesses an immense threat to our nature if it is uncontrolled and ruthlessly exploited.



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