Forensic Psychologist - How to become a Forensic Psychologist?


Forensic Psychology is a subdivision of Psychology that integrates psychological theories with the criminal and civil laws. Those who have specialized in Forensic Psychology can become Forensic Psychologists. Through the study, professionals can well-evaluate the interconnection between human psyche and crime. These professionals can also correctly determine whether a death occurred is the result of a suicide or it is mere accidental.

Qualifying Exam

In order to turn out to be a Forensic Psychologist, aspirants have to pursue the PhD program in Clinical Psychology. They should also complete the postdoctoral fellowship in forensic psychology. A Masters’ degree in the concerned areas is the requisite for doing the research program. Many Universities and colleges within India and out of the country offer the course. Candidates should pursue the programs from a recognized institute. Then only they may get good employments. After effectively completing the course, they can seek for careers in private or Government organizations. Forensic Psychologists mostly work in the legal industry with the attorneys, law enforcement officials, associates of the court system and so on. Some of them also carry out solo practice to counsel clients.

Who is eligible to apply?

Undergraduates in psychology are eligible to pursue the postgraduate course in Clinical Psychology. Some of them also obtain the twin degree, psychology along with criminology. It may really help them in their higher studies to be familiar with the elementary subjects in Forensic Psychology.

Key Points in the process

  • Study the 12 years of Schooling.
  • Pursue the intermediate course in any streams.
  • Earn a Bachelors’ degree in psychology or concerned subjects.
  • Carry on with the postgraduate studies in Clinical Psychology or related fields.
  • Pursue the PhD programs in the same.
  • Specialize in the postdoctoral fellowship program in Forensic Psychology.
  • Search out for jobs in public or private organizations.

Skills required for a Forensic Psychologist

Forensic Psychologists require intellectual skills along with the technical familiarity. They may have to face different types of clients like criminal offenders, juvenile offenders and so on in their day-to-day affairs. So they should have good problem solving skills so as to guide the different types of problems, different clients are facing.



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    Shubham Goyal:

    sir/ madam
    please tell me how many years in all does it take to be an authorized forensic psychologist and do mention about the pay packages available if working with the government and the average or expected earning if working in private. very important for me to know because i aspire to be one.