WBUT IT 6th Semester Data Communications and Networking (IT 603) Papers


WBUT or West Bengal University Of Technology has been a big name from technological and scientific point of view. This University provides degrees in multidisciplinary science and areas of technology and also provides advance-level courses in management and other professional fields through the institutions under it. WBUT offers a B.Tech degree in Information Technology. The Data Communications and Networking subject which is there in the 6th semester syllabus of ECE is aimed to teach the students the fastest growing technology that is prevalent today.

What is taught in the subject?

WBUT has defined a specific syllabus for the subject which is at par with the syllabus of many well-known institutions of the world. The syllabus is aimed at explaining the components of computer network, internet model, the network securities, the TCP/IP protocol, the local area networks and the advance networks.

The paper pattern

The paper is divided into three sections namely –Section A, B and C. Section A contains multiple choice type questions where it is needed to answer 10 questions out of the given questions. Sometimes exact 10 questions are given and there are no choices. In this section sometimes true and false type questions or objective type questions can also come. But these are very seldom. Here each question contains generally 1 mark. In Section B it is needed to answer 3 questions out of the given choices. These questions contain 5 marks each. In Section C also it is required to answer 3 questions but these are long answer type questions. In this section short note also comes. Each question in this section contains15 marks. The paper contains both mathematical computations as well as theory type questions.

Marks and time allotted

Section A contains 10 marks, Section B contains 15 marks and Section C contains 45 marks. 30 marks is the institutions internal assessment. This paper contains 4 credits. Thus the total marks are 100. The time allotted is 3hrs.

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