Difference between Clinical Psychologist and Psychiatrist


A Clinical Psychologist deals with the curing of various problems related to human relations and mental processes through various therapies. He must have a Bachelor’s degree or an Associate degree in Psychology along with a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology which enables them to perform therapies unlike normal psychologists.

A Psychiatrist also deals with the analyzing, diagnosing and curing of various mental disorders by prescribing appropriate medicines. He should have a Bachelor’s degree or an associate degree in Medicine along with a Doctorate in Psychiatry. They should have appropriate training in the field.

Psychologist and Opportunities

  • Assessing and diagnosing a client’s behavior using direct observation and Psychometric tests
  • Developing a course of therapy
  • Working in conjunction with other health care professionals
  • Cognitive therapy and behavioral treatment
  • Stress inoculation training
  • Anxiety management
  • Exposure therapy
  • Conducting applied research

There are a lot of career opportunities for a Psychologist in various public and private hospitals in India and also abroad. He is well paid at reputed organizations. He can undergo various courses on different specializations in the field which can add to his career growth.

Psychiatrist and Opportunities

Responsibilities of a Psychiatrist include the following.

  • Organize Patient’s data from the family and friends
  • Learn medical history of the patient
  • Determine the nature of mental illness
  • Design treatment programs
  • Analyze and diagnose the mental imbalance of the patient
  • Explain the treatment procedure to the patient and family members
  • Administer electroshock therapy
  • Conduct psychotherapy sessions
  • Supervise electrotherapy treatments
  • Conduct research
  • Lead the team of mental healthcare suppliers

There are a lot of career opportunities for them in both public and private hospitals in India and also abroad. They can do self practice at home also. They are offered very good salary packages.

Key difference between clinical Psychologist and Psychiatrist

Even though the patients with same problems approach a Psychologist and Psychiatrist, the method of treatment vary. The Psychologist applies the Science of Psychology to solve the problem whereas a Psychiatrist applies the Science of Medicine to cure the problem i.e.  A Psychologist performs various therapies whereas a psychiatrist prescribes medicines. The job opportunities and the salary packages of a Psychologist and a Psychiatrist are also very different.



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