Difference between a Counseling Psychologist and Financial Aid Counselor


Both the Counseling Psychologist and Financial Aid Counselor are the professionals who help the people who are affected by some problems. Even though they help the people by counseling, the two professions are entirely different. Counseling Psychologists are the professionals who focus in the therapeutic treatments to the patients. Financial Aid Counselors are those who serve as advisor’s to students and parents with regard to the financial aid.

Counseling Psychologist Course and Career opportunities

Counseling Psychology is a specialty within the psychological field. The field involves many research and applied works in a broad range of domains such as counseling process and result, prevention and health, career improvement and counseling, etc. The field mainly focuses in giving therapeutic treatment to the patients. Counseling Psychologists are the professionals who specialize in this field.

Most of the counseling psychologists provide psychotherapy services, but they can also have career path in other fields also. Other fields where they can perform are research, vocational counseling and teaching. Counseling Psychologists use various psychological theories to help the people to get out of problems and understand their potentials. To become counseling psychologists one needs a PhD, PsyD or Ed.D degree in related field. Many universities in the country offer Doctor Philosophy and Doctor of Psychology degree. These graduates have bright career opportunities in wide variety of areas such as vocational psychology, child development, forensic psychology, neuropsychology, etc.

Financial Aid Counselor Course and Career opportunities

Financial Aid process may be a complex and difficult field to understand. This field mainly focuses in providing counseling to the students and parents about the financial processes.

Financial Aid Counselors are those professionals who carry out these procedures. They give advises to the students in all aspects of financial aid. These professionals particularly work in higher education field and perform various tasks to ensure that the students in the institution receive their scholarships and funding in proper and timely manner. They are responsible for several duties such as giving advice to students, help them to complete the financial aid documents, checking the documents, determining eligibility, evaluating the files and preparing award letters. Those interested in this field need at least a bachelor’s degree in business, counseling, education or related specialty and relevant experience to become a financial aid counselor.

Key differentiators between Counseling Psychologist and Financial Aid Counselor

  • Counseling Psychologists are those who focus in the research and applied work in a wide range of domains whereas the Financial Aid Counselors focuses in giving assistance to the students and parents about the financial process.
  • Counseling Psychologists duties include therapeutic treatments to patients whereas Financial Aid Counselors duties involves only counseling and some related works.

Although the Counseling Psychologists and Financial Aid Counselors are the professionals who help the people to overcome their problems, their work nature and responsibilities are different in many ways.



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