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How to solve reasoning questions?

how to solve the reasoning qusn of word rearrengment machine, this type of qusn are cume in bank po exam.

And sir plz plz plz send me sbi quen paper of last 10 years. Plz sir help me out

28th April 2013, 03:56 PM
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Default Re: How to solve reasoning questions?

I tell you some tips that make you to solve reasoning questions :-

1. Study the question carefully.

2. NEVER assume or use any information that the question fails to give you.

3. Read both the factual passage and the sentence completion instruction carefully.

4. Be sure to read all the response choices carefully before choosing one.

5. In questions that ask you to select a valid conclusion, always choose the one conclusion that must definitely follow from the information you are given.
6. Pay special attention to words like "all," "some," or "none" when you read the factual information each question gives you.

7. Pay attention to negative prefixes also, such as non-, un-, or dis-. These can be crucial to specifying the basic facts in the paragraph.

8. "Test-taking" courses or your college instructors may have advised you to avoid any response choices that contain the quantifiers "all" or "none."

9. Pay close attention to the word "ONLY" and to the phrase "IF AND ONLY IF."

10. The questions in the assessment will vary in difficulty level, and difficult questions will be mixed in with easier ones throughout the assessment.

I hope this information will help you a lot.

All the best........

25th May 2020, 11:56 PM
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Default Re: How to solve reasoning questions?

Reasoning questions can be really tricky but there few things which you should keep in mind.
1. Time Management: keep track of time while solving
2. Consistency: you should be consistent and take small breaks between studies
3.Try to use venn diagrams, graphs, pie charts, etc for the questions that are high with data. Such questions are designed to confuse the student, but by using illustrations you can easily simplify the question and solve it.
4. Solve minimum 20 questions daily.
5. Last but very important eat all your meals daily and don't skip

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