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What exactly people do in In-Plant training? Training period and division identification?

I don't have a very clear idea of what an In Plant Training is.I need to know what exactly people do in an in plant training, general training period,identifying the divisions in a company where i can undergo training,etc.....

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21st December 2013, 08:05 PM
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Default Re: What exactly people do in In-Plant training? Training period and division identification?

Astronomers are the dreamers who apply equal measures of analytic thinking and imagination, logic and intuition, to answer the most fundamental questions about the cosmos. So to be an astronomer you must posses average intelligence, high imagination, persistence, problem-solving and analytical skills and must be good at both mathematics and computational skills. So road to become an astronomer is a very tough one.

Normally to build up a career in Astronomy one needs to pursue a doctoral degree as astronomer's most of the work are research and development oriented.

Mostly everyone who wants to be an astronomer must go for science stream in their Higher Secondary course especially with physics and maths as one of the compulsory courses and thereafter honors in Physics and Maths in their Bachelor of Science course after which candidate can pursue Master of Science in Physics to establish themselves strongly in theoretical or observational astronomy.

If you are opting for Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Technology in Electrical / Electronics/ Electrical Communications and then you can pursue Master of Technology and can be eligible to establish a career in Instrumentation/ Experimental Astronomy along with theoretical or observational astronomy.

After completing M.Sc. and M.Tech you can perform any specialization in astronomy leading to Ph.D(Doctor of Philosophy). Ph.D is mandatory to do research work which will make you eligible to become an astronomer/ astronaut/ astro physician or a scientist/ research officer etc. in the field of space research.

As you have already completed your B.Sc in Computer Science now you need to go for Master of Science in Physics or Maths. You need to appear JEST(Joint Entrance Screening Test) to get admitted for Ph.D course.
Do you have any question? or have anything to say?

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