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What to choose next after qualifying 12th Commerce with 8.6 CGPA from CBSE Board?

I am the student who completed
12 commerce exams from cbse.
Which next step should choose by me.
Cgpa in 10 cbse is 8.6.

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13th February 2015, 05:08 PM
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Default Re: What to choose next after qualifying 12th Commerce with 8.6 CGPA from CBSE Board?

Courses after 12th Commerce:

There are many courses available after 12th class. List of Several courses available after 12th commerce class are,
* Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)
* Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS)
* Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
* Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS)
* Bachelor of Business Management (BBM)
* Chartered Accountancy (CA)
* Company Secretary (CS) course
* CFA Program (Chartered Financial Analyst Program)
* CWA (Cost and Work Accountant)
* B.Com in Accounting and Finance
* Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Markets
* B.Com in Banking and Insurance

The best option I suggest you to go for is, Bachelor of Commerce Or Charted Accountancy. If you opt B.Com as your Graduation program, you may go for M.Com (Master of Commerce) or course to find bright career.
13th February 2015, 05:56 PM
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Default Re: What to choose next after qualifying 12th Commerce with 8.6 CGPA from CBSE Board?

Well, you can do your Graduation from Good Universities. You may have lots of option to choose your field according to your Marks.
Below i have mention some good course for commerce students.

List of Graduation Course for Commerce Students:

1. Bachelor Of Commerce (B.Com) Hons

2. Bachelor Of Business Studies (BBS)

3. Bachelor Of Management Studies (BMS)

4. Bachelor Of Business Administration (BBA)

5. Bachelor Of Business Management (BBM)

6. Integrated MBA (BBA + MBA)

You can opt for a good career in the following fields;

1. Chartered Accountant

2. Commercial Lawyer

3. Bank Manager

4. Stock broker

5. Manager

6. Tax Auditor
13th February 2015, 07:48 PM
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Default Re: What to choose next after qualifying 12th Commerce with 8.6 CGPA from CBSE Board?

There are lots of opportunities for 12th commerce students, but you have to choose based on your potential and interest.

Courses Related to the Commerce:

1. C.A (charted accountant).
2. C.S Foundations.
3. C.F.P(Certified Financial Planner).
4. B.Com (bachelor of commerce).
5. M.B.A
6. Banking.
7. B.pharmacy
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13th February 2015, 09:17 PM
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Default Re: What to choose next after qualifying 12th Commerce with 8.6 CGPA from CBSE Board?

After having completed your 12th boards with Commerce(CBSE) with 8.6 CGPA, there is a wide career scope lying ahead for you.

Below I am enumerating some career scopes after 12th commerce:

There are many career opportunities open for a student who has taken up commerce in 12th.

The most popular Undergraduate courses available in Commerce stream after 12th is B.Com(H) and BBA

However, there are many short term courses also for which one can opt for like Diploma or Certificate courses on Banking, Insurance, Taxation, Stock Market, etc.

Jobs can be found in various sectors like:

1. Account Officer

2. Stock Exchange Broker

3. Accounting Clerk

4. Accounting Analyst

5. Financial Consultant

6. Balance Sheet Reconciliator, etc.

Moreover, B.Com and BBA graduates can pursue post graduate courses like MBA, M.Com, CA, CFA, CS, etc.

Courses after 12th in commerce:

Degree courses:

1. Bachelor of Commerce

2. Bachelor of Business Studies

3. Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics

4. Bachelor of Business Administration in Banking

5. Bachelor of Administration in Account and Finance

6. Bachelor of Administration in Marketing and Finance

7. Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Taxation

8. Bachelor of Commerce in Advanced Accountancy

9. Bachelor of Commerce Banking and Insurance

10. Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting

11. Bachelor of Commerce in Computer Application

12. Bachelor of Commerce in Applied Economics

13. Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Accounting

14. Bachelor of Commerce in Corporate Accountancy

15. Bachelor of Commerce in Commercial Law, etc

Diploma Courses:

1. Diploma in Banking and Insurance Management

2. Diploma in E-Commerce

3. Diploma in Tally Software

4. V Stock Analysis and Trading

Certificate Courses:

1. Certificate course in Micro Finance

2. Certificate course in Applied Managerial Economics

3. Certificate course in Stock Market

4. Certificate course in Accounting
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13th February 2015, 10:24 PM
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Default Re: What to choose next after qualifying 12th Commerce with 8.6 CGPA from CBSE Board?

After completion of your 12th standard in Commerce Stream, you can pursue your higher studies in the following degree courses mentioned below :-

1. B.Com (Bachelorís Degree in Commerce) in
--> Accounting & Finance Management/Cost management
--> Economics
--> Human Resource
--> Export Management
--> Industrial Psychology, etc.

2. B.B.I. (Bachelorís Degree in Banking and Insurance) in
--> Financial Accounting & Management
--> Banking laws
--> Business laws
--> Corporate laws
--> Taxation
--> Auditing
--> Cost accounting
--> HRM
--> Insurance

3. B.F.M. (Bachelorís Degree in Financial Markets) in
--> Debt markets
--> Equity markets
--> Capital markets
--> Commodities markets
--> Security markets
--> Investments
--> Mutual fund
--> Micro economics
--> Financial accounts
--> Taxation
--> Statistics
--> Risk management
--> Communication Skills, etc.,

4. B.A.F. (Bachelorís Degree in Accounting & Finance) in
--> Financial accounting
--> Cost accounting
--> Auditing
--> Taxation
--> Business Law
--> Economics
--> Business communications
--> IT, etc.,
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Default Re: What to choose next after qualifying 12th Commerce with 8.6 CGPA from CBSE Board?

Courses in Commerce are given below:

B.Com (Bachelorís Degree in Commerce)

Students interested in getting the basic accounting
and finance degree, along with other options viz.,
economics, hr, export-import, can take up B.Com.

The major topics covered are:-

Accounting & Finance managementCost
Human Resource
Export Management
Industrial Psychology etc.,
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Default Re: What to choose next after qualifying 12th Commerce with 8.6 CGPA from CBSE Board?

There are many career opportunities in front of you with such a high GPA.

You can opt for any of the following courses :
* BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)
* BCom (Bachelor of Commerce) etc.

Along with your BCom u can also go for CA (Charted Accountant), CS (Company Secretary) or ICWA depending upon your own interest.
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