Gujarat Technological University B. Pharmacy Sem I Elementary (Remedial) Mathematics Papers


Gujarat Technological University is one of the universities in the country where students jostle each other to get a place. With excellent teaching faculty in various streams, the university has risen to the topmost spot in the blink of an eye and continues to remain so at all times. B.Pharmacy is offered is course which is available at the University. During the first semester of the course elementary mathematics have to be learned by the students.

Brief note on the subject

The subject deals with mathematics that all learn at the school level. This includes addition, multiplication, division, Cramer’s rule, matrices and determinants and such topics. Maths is a essential for life and hence the elementary topics covered by the subject have been incorporated into the subject with intention of solidifying the mathematical skills of the students. The paper is very easy but the basic concepts have to be mastered.

Familiarize the paper pattern

A total of seven questions are present in the paper. There are no sections. Not all the seven have to be answered. Any five of the seven will do. All the questions have sub questions and all the sub questions within the sections you choose have to be answered. There is no internal choosing.  Most of the questions are numerical problems and require the candidates to solve them, but there are certain questions that require the candidates to define various terms with the aid of examples.

Getting high scores

The paper is for a total of 80 marks. The pass percentage is 35%. Since the subject is purely mathematical, there is no other alternative to working out problems and improving speed. Working out question papers will help you achieve the above and score high.

Must-read books

The books that you need to refer mandatorily are:

  • A history of elementary mathematics by Florian Cajori
  • Lectures on elementary mathematics by Lagrange
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