PTU-B.Pharmacy 1st Semester-Remedial Mathematics Papers


The paper on Remedial Mathematics has been included in the first semester of the B.Pharmacy from Punjab Technological University. The subject includes the higher engineering mathematics which forms the base for the calculations of other subjects which uses its application to solve the problems.

Paper pattern:

The paper has seven questions in total and one has to choose and answer any five questions. The questions are all subjective type. The topics are divided into long elaborate type answers. One has to follow the three sections that is there in the syllabus and one has to answer questions from all the sections. The first question is compulsory and one has to choose four questions from Section B and 3 questions from Section C. In Section A you will get 15 questions of 2 marks each and you have to answer all of the. In Section B you will get 5 marks questions and in Section C you will get 10 marks questions.

Maximum marks and time allotted:

The maximum marks that can be allotted to the paper is 80 marks. The time given to complete the paper is three hours. You have to manage your time very efficiently because if you get stuck in any of the sums, you will lose your time.

Frequently asked questions:

The questions that are encountered in the Remedial Mathematics papers are on topics like equations which are reducible to quadratics, properties of solutions of simultaneous equations, pharmaceutical applications of determinants and the concepts of matrices. The papers are based on the five questions that can be solved using the following concepts. Other topics are Cramer’s rule, definitions of the concepts of special kinds of matrices etc, since it is also a numerical based paper.


  • A remedial math program by Charles Daggett
  • Introduction to remedial mathematics by Riyaz Ahmad Khan
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    in b. pharm matrices have been solved by any method i have in doubt that we can solve matrices in any method but book have another method

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    B.Pharmacy 1st Semester-Remedial Mathematics Question