PTU, B.Pharmacy, 1st Semester-Remedial Biology Papers


There are plenty of subjects offered in the 1st semester of the B.Pharm degree offered by Punjab Technical University. Out of them, Remedial Biology is an important one.

Paper Description:

The paper remedial biology deals with the study of biology of plants and animals. This subject is quite important and is taught in the 1st semester so that students should get a better idea of the plants and animals’ morphology so that the further subjects that will be taught to them can be applied in a better way. The subject deals with the study of the structure and properties of various parts of the plants and animals.

Frequently asked questions:

Questions on plant cell and its difference from animal cells is something that is asked almost every year. Apart from that disease caused by some bacteria and microorganism is also an important part of the paper. Mechanism of cell division, that is, either mitosis or meiosis is asked every year. Difference between monocot and dicot leaves and plants on the basis of their appearance is also an important question. Diagrams are also important as various diagrams are also asked in the paper.

Paper pattern:

The PTU-B.Pharmacy 1st Semester-Remedial Biology Paper like other papers of the B.Pharm 1st semester has three major sections in it. The first sections, section A has 15 compulsory questions in it. Every question is of 2 marks each. The second section has 5 questions. Every question of this section is of 5 marks each. Students are supposed to answer any 4 out of the given 5 questions in the section. The last section of the paper has questions of 10 marks each. There are 4 such questions, and any 3 is to be answered.

Maximum marks and time allotted:

The maximum mark of the paper is 80 and the time allotted to the candidates is 3 hours.

Recommended books:

Pharmaceutical Biology & Remedial Biology by S.B.Gokhale
Remedial Biology by P.K.G.Nair

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