High Court Judge - How to become a High Court Judge?


An individual who presides over the happenings in the High Court of Justice is known as a High Court Judge. Judge is one of the most desired and respected positions in the Indian Judicial system. These officers are responsible for applying, administering and interpreting rules in our country. High court Judges of India are appointed by the Indian President. They are entitled to work at the High Court until they are 65 years old.

Qualifying Exam

Candidates who wish to become High Court Judges must appear for the State Judicial Services Exam for applying to this post. These exams are held by the individual state governments frequently. They have a basic salary of Rs. 16750- Rs. 20500 each month.

Who is eligible to apply?

Candidates must be Indian residents. Those who are applying for this post must be atleast 45 years of age. As to become a judge, they must have served a legal office in India for not less than 10 years. Candidates who have practiced as lawyers in the High Court for a substantial time period are also eligible to apply for the post of High Court Judge. Those applicants who have the requisite qualifications can send their application to the Register General of the respective courts.

How to prepare for exam and interview?

Candidates must be well prepared before appearing for the written exam. All the basic questions regarding law will be asked. Question papers of the past years will be available in many book and stationary stores.  They can prepare for the written exam by practicing on mock test papers. General information regarding the law exam will be available in the internet too. Candidates can also consult former candidates who have taken this exam. When they appear for the interview, the applicants must reply in a direct manner. Also, they can take some time before answering. This will aid them to plan the accuracy of their reply.



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    hi sexy…

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    sapna khandelwal:

    Salary of an high court judge

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    1:can a person joined as J.M.F.C and C.J.J.D. become HIGH COURT JUDGE? if yes plz mention how?
    2:what is the way to become HIGH COURT JUDDE as already working in state judicial service?
    3:how to become HIGH COURT JUDGE as practicing lawyer?
    4: plz give all qualifications to become H.C Judge and plz mention exam details ,syllabus and question papers details.
    eagerly waiting for answers.

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    mehmood khan:

    How to become a High Court judge

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    after doing LLB can i apply directly for judge exam and what are the subjects to prepare for giving judge exam.

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    how any advocate can become a high court judge? kindly tell the full procedure in one by one steps.

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    nagargoje bhagwan:

    what is age limit for the judges

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    pls describe de salary and other allowances of jcj and to be come a jcj and wheather there is a chance to become a supre court judge frm jcj

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    what one can do after completing llb

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    I think there is no state service examination conducted by government. I think your answer is wrong please conform first.:

    Kindly confirm the procesure for the most important question How to become a High Court Judges . Your answer is totally related to Civil Judges recruitment system i am not satisfied to your answer.

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    when is the exam of High court judges ? give the date.

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    through which exam a person can become a high court judge,if he/she is a professional advocate in a high court since last 18 years…and please let me know the date of the exam..hope u will respond me very soon..thanking you…

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    i have completed MBA in hr and i want to know whether Sap course can be done by a fresher
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