How to deal with Negative Marking in Entrance Exams


With the increase in the competition, the subjective or written examination is loosing its trend. Now examination is on objective pattern where you are to choose the appropriate option among the given answers. This can be a big pain for individuals who like to write long answers in examination believing; “the more you write, the more you score”. This can not be a correct approach if you are planning to write one of these objective examination as most of them comes with negative marking. These questions just check your ability to find solution with whatever situation given in least amount of time. It does not consider how you reach to that answer.

Since the examination is divided into various sections, one may be asked to show a fair bit of competence in each section rather than showing excellence in any one particular section. While tackling with any of these examinations, there are a few helpful methods that can certainly help you for the same:


EXAM PATTERN: Before giving any exam, be familiar with the exam pattern. This information is easily available from the internet. You should know the Number of questions, Time Limit, Expected Cut-off marks, No. of attempts required with a fair bit of accuracy.

ANALYSIS and TIME MANAGEMENT: As one knows his/her strong domains, you can allocate time for yourself as to how much time is to be devoted to the particular sections. This would avoid you coming in the temptation of doing more than required question in any particular section.

SUBJECT KNOWLEDGE: Just be familiar with formulas, short cut methods, theorems and all the necessary information. You can’t just afford to make guesses in the exam.


Avoid FLUKES: There is nothing called “THE MAGIC DICE” that will tell you the right answer. If you continue to go by that approach, be mentally prepared for a disaster.

CAPITALIZE on your strengths: In the heat of the examination, people fail to locate easier questions or the type of questions they have already done. Just scan the paper and mark the questions which you could try to do.

Don’t be in HURRY:
Panic and stress can lead you to this mistake. Instead of marking option A of Q.34 some people mark the option A of Q.33. While you think you marked a correct option, the result may be a little different than what you anticipated. So, don’t rush!!! Just check before you mark the options.

Avoid Erasing: Any kind of stray remarks can get you cancel your OMR sheet. Don’t keep erasing and changing your answers. Sometimes when they are not completely erased, these can be detected by the machine checking your sheet resulting in NEGATIVE MARKING!!!!



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