IGNOU- PGDFM- MS 41 Working Capital Management Papers


Topics taught in this paper:

The topics which are covered by this paper are financial decisions, economic policies, Operating Cycle and Cash Conversion Cycle, cash budget, etc.

Division of paper:

There is only one section in this paper with a total of seven questions.

Time and marks allotted:

The total time duration for this paper is of three hours and the maximum marks that could be secured in this paper are 100.

Paper Pattern:

The question paper is printed in both Hindi and English languages. There are total seven questions in this paper. Out of these seven questions of which only five are to be answered correctly. All the questions of this paper are subjective type. The questions are subdivided into smaller parts. There is also word limit for each question of the paper which is of five hundred words per question. Each question of the paper carries equal marks. There is no negative marking in this paper. The total mark carried by this paper is 100. The maximum time duration in which the question paper is required to be solved is of three hours. The question paper is uniformly distributed throughout the syllabus.

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    sir please send me solution of ms-41,ms-42 and ms-43

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    madhav verma:

    1. Sakthi Traders has a contribution/sales ration of 20% and average book debts of Rs. 10 lakhs which it collects in an average collection period 24 days. The company reorganized its ‘Credit Administration’ department recently and introduction a cash incentive of 5% to speed up collection of outstanding. The incentive is payable to customers making payment within 10 days. When the company reviewed the position after a few months it was found that the average collection period has actually fallen to 20 days only and the average book debts had increased to Rs. 10.50 lakhs mainly as a result of some increase in sales. It was also noticed that only about half the total sales availed of the cash discount. The company’s cost of raising additional funds in 20%. Do you recommend continuance of the cash incentive scheme? Show workings. Assume one year = 360.

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    Nabaghan Mallick:

    Sir send study for PGDFM