IGNOU Masters in Tourism Management- Tourist Transport Management (Road Transport) Papers


Transport management system is associated with tourism industry and as the globalisation of the country is happening, job opportunities in the field is increasing also. There is lots of work to be done in the industry and for each work; they require professional who have a command over their field.

Why to study Tourist Transport Management?

Paper of Transport management is a sector which is a main part in tourism industry. In each project, professionals who have a good knowledge of their field can work to smoothly run the tour. Field is very good those who love to work in challenging condition and job satisfaction is very high.

Overview of the paper

Paper of Tourist Transport Management consists of 10 long answer type questions in it. The paper contains questions which are generally very long answer type, only 1-2 questions are divided into sub-questions for the students. 1 question is of short notes needed to be answered in 200 words. Each question is of same marks. Only 5 questions are needed to be attempted.

Some of the Frequently asked questions:

Questions in the paper are such as role of tourist transport system in development of tourism, importance for a tourist transport operator to be aware of transport laws & regulations, Maintenance facilities, Demand & Supply Assessment, Taxi service operations, ITTA, tourist transporters in India, infrastructure and capital requirement, demand for tourist transport etc.

Marks and time:

Total marks which can be obtained in the paper are 100 and time given to solve the paper is 3 hours only. As this is a descriptive paper, there is no chance to secure full marks in it.

Recommended Books:

  • Pearson Education - Tourism and Travel
  • IGNOU- Supplementary
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