IGNOU MBA Management Functions And Behaviour Papers


The Open University IGNOU provides a two year MBA Program in a number of subjects, one of them being, management functions and behavior. The duration of the paper is three hours. The aggregate marks are 100.

There are two sections in the paper namely Paper A and Paper B. A student is expected to attempt any three questions from Section A, each with 20 marks. Section B carries 40 marks. Each question from this section is compulsory.

The nature of questions in Section A mostly deals with critically evaluating a given statement or writing short notes on a topic. It may also include writing definitions and features on certain managerial concept like leadership styles and conflict resolutions.

Section B comprises of a case study which is mostly a problem or a situation encountered in a fictional organization. There are questions following this case study which the student is expected to answer in order to resolve the issue. This part is mainly aimed at assessing the data interpretation, analytical and conflict resolution skills of the student.

For a student preparing for this exam, clear comprehension of the situation in hand along with all the available data is very important.

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    what are the essential components of an effective Mis and why?

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    MBA first semester course title

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    Can you guide me anyone so as to I can pursue part phd in Organization Psychology/Behaviour/HRM from Kolkata. Pl. enlight me about such institutions/ University based in West Bengal ( if any)

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