Importance of in criminology in the present era


Criminology is a subject that deals with a lot of aspects of the society. May it be the cause of the crime, or the mentality of the criminals, Criminology has it all in it. And specifically, for the course of M.Sc in Criminology, the study is more detailed and in depth. This detailed and in depth study is of great use to the society.

The subjects that M.Sc in Criminology deals with are greatly important to the society. These topics and spheres have great impact on the society. For instance, the cause of the crime is of great importance to the society, because that is the way one can come across to the point of how to solve these growing crimes. Even studying the mentality of the criminals can help, because even that can help us in understanding what can be done in order to get these criminals away from committing crime.

Criminology is therefore many a times said to relate to two major subjects. One being the psychology and the other one is sociology. It is said to be related to be related to psychology because it does deals with issues that involves mentality and opinions of a criminals, which falls also under the psychology section. It is said to be related to sociology because the study is actually done in order to benefit the society and for its welfare.

A subject which is related to these reputed subjects has to be very importance, not only in this present era, but in all the coming era.



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    varun singh:

    hi,im studying in 11 std im looking forward for CID officer.please tell about its scope,salary,and courses.. thanxx

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    now iam compliting Bsc in computer science , may i get the apotunity to do Msc in criminology?
    please inform me.