The wide use of Forensic Photography


Photography has wide applications in areas of Forensic Science. This is a concept where photography is used in the crime scenes to understand the nature of the crime and different facets of that crime. This is an area where in the quality of work counts a lot as the photos which are taken are needed to be produced as evidences in the court of Law. The photos of crime scenes which are taken are permanently kept as evidences.

This is completely a different genre related to photography. It is not suitable for people who have problems or who are uncomfortable in viewing scenes related to murder surrounded by blood etc. This type of photography requires a person to follow certain style, creativity and techniques in taking photos. Apart from these, an important task of forensic photographers mainly involve in depth analysis of images. They can easily come to a conclusion whether a particular image is manipulated with the help of Photoshop, object or image identifications, type of camera which has been used etc.

The service or the job of a Forensic photographer can be utilized mainly in areas of investigations in a court of law. Their work mainly involves taking photos for the following–

  • Autopsy Procedures
  • Bite marks
  • Crime Scenes
  • Gunshot Wounds
  • Trace Evidence
  • Weapons

Courses related to Forensic Photography

There are graduate level courses for Forensic photography. Under B.Sc Forensic photography, a general training is given on different ways of taking photos. Generally, people have a feeling that the photography studies are really easy. But on the other hand the fact is that it is not because forensic photography has certain rules which one needs to follow as it is used as a source of evidence in the court of law. The angle or the point from which a particular image has been captured is very important in Forensic photography. Also the surrounding evidences or objects need to be covered.

Job Prospects in Forensic Photography

As this is a very specialized area there are job opportunities available only in specialized departments. Forensic photographers are needed mostly in government departments such as Police, CBI, and other private detective organizations also. One can also work as a freelancer in this area.

Currently, the field of forensic photography has become much more relevant than earlier days. The role of Forensic photographers in crime scenes or in any other related areas has been increasing. This is mainly because the concept of photography has extended to many new areas as well.



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