ISC English (Paper 1) Papers


The syllabus of ISC English aims at inculcating in the students the habit of eloquent expression, applying knowledge of structures and form of syntax and having a hold of idioms. The syllabus makes the students think critically with assessing and analyzing the material which is provided to them. This also helps the students examine the passage of argumentative writing. Vocabulary is also given much attention in the curriculum. The prescribed text tries to make the students appreciate literature. This also helps building expressive power in the students.

There are two papers in the subject. The pattern of the first paper is given here. Paper 1 is the English Language Paper. The time allowed for the paper is two and a half hours and the maximum marks of the paper are 100. There are four questions in the paper. The first question in the paper is a composition. It carries 30 marks. The second question is again a composition, but a short one. It is based on some suggested points. It can be either a review or an article whose nature can be argumentative or descriptive. It is of 20 marks. Question number three consists of grammar. It carries 20 marks and the last question is comprehension of 30 marks.




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    please send me Q1 of english 1,ISC 2010 AND 2011

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    Zeba siddiqui:

    Show icse/english-1 paper

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    Nivedita bhatt:

    Is their any change in Q4 iscEnglish 1.

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    i.want mp samvida gread 1 english test paper
    send me

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    please send me the isc 2010 board paper

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    plz …can i get last year question papers of all subjects solved…

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    I need past two years English-I papers question papers solved.

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    Suman Jana:

    I want a copy of ISC final paper-ii English . please send it to my email.

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    can i have the essay on:On a recent trek with your were stranded in a remote area without telephones,electricity and roads,due to rain and landslides. Give an account of your experience.

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    i want English 1 paper of ISC-2010 boards

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