ISC Computer Science (Theory) Papers


Computer Science is a part of the curriculum of class 12 ISC. Students who are willing to study Computer Science in class 12 can opt for this subject. Computer Science has two papers, paper I is theory paper and paper II is Practical paper. Both the papers are of 100 marks and a student is required to pass in both the papers i.e. both in Theory as well as in Practical.

In theory paper students are given three hours to answer all the questions. They are also given an extra 15 minutes to read the question paper. During this time students are not supposed to touch the answer scripts. If found so their paper is liable for cancellation and it depend on the invigilator to cancel one’s paper.

Theory paper is divided into two parts, part 1 and part 2. All questions of part 1 are compulsory. Part 2 is divided into three sections, section A, section B and Section C. A student has to answer 7 questions from Part 2. They have to choose three questions from Section A, two questions from Section B and two questions from Section C.




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    kamal avinash:

    isc computer theory questions of 2011 with solutions

  2. 20

    isc computer theory questions of 2010

  3. 19
    anshu kumar:

    please send 2010 ISC question paper theory as soon as possible.
    Actually i have to solve it & show it to my teacher.

  4. 18

    can i get solution of isc computer science paper 2012

  5. 17

    how can we make java programme from recursion

  6. 16
    shikha vashishtha:

    can we overload main method in java.?

  7. 15

    i want 12last year isc computer theory papers

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    R B Panda:

    please mail me last three years isc questions with solution.

  9. 13

    how many types of network

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    please send me the last 5 years computer questions for isc

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    can i please get the question paper of computer science of isc 2011?

  12. 10

    Program to find different in dates?

  13. 9

    1. Write a program to input the limit of double dimensional array and print it in circular format.

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    Shib Narayan Kar:

    1. sort a 2 D array
    2. program to find difference in dates
    3. circular shift the array

  15. 7

    prg to find the frequency of each digit present in the array

    void freq( int arr[])
    int i,j,f;
    f= ? 1 ?;
    for(j=i+1;j< ? 2 ? ;j++)
    ? 4 ?
    if( ? 5 ? )
    System.out.println(”Frequency of ” + a[i] +”=” +f);

    what is the expression at 1 2 3 4 and 5

  16. 6

    Strange is an entity which can hold at the most 20 integers. The strange restriction is that an integer can only be added from the top or removed from the top. This is like a pile of china plates where we add a plate to the pile from the top and remove a plate from the top only.

    Define the class Strange with the following details:

    Class name : Strange

    Data members/instance variables:

    int ele[ ] : The array to hold the integers elements

    int capacity : The maximum capacity of the integer array

    int top : To point to the index of the top most element.

    Members functions/methods:

    Strange(int cap) : constructor to initialize the data capacity=cap, top=-1 and

    create the integer array

    void pushItem(int value) : adds the integer value to the top of Strange if possible,

    otherwise outputs a message”Strange is full. Cannot push item”.

    int popItem( ) : removes the integer from the top of Strange and returns it

    if Strange is not empty, otherwise outputs a message

    “Strange is empty. Returning - 9999″ and returns -9999.

    (a) Specify the class Strange giving the details of the constructor and the functions

    void pushItem(int value) and int popItem( ) only.

    (b) What is the common name of the entity described above?

    (c) State one of its applications.

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    How to print all the anagrams using JAVA??

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    How to write a program in java to count the number of 2 dates given.(year & month may be different)

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    can you please send some sample question papers for class 12 computer science especially.

    if possible other subjects like english, maths, physics, chemistry.


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    what languages are having greatest future in job for cse ?

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    maninder singh:

    what is entity