NET English (Paper II) Papers


The paper of English is an important subject as well as language as it holds a great importance in future as it is becoming the global language all over the world. The paper of English should be treated as language not as a subject.

Paper Description

English is a global language and this is the reason why English forms and important part of all the courses. Students must be well aware of this language if they want to excel in their life. Not only writing they have to enhance their spoken English skills so that they can express themselves equally well as they can in their mother tongue.

Paper Pattern:

The paper of English, Paper II is an objective paper. All questions in the paper are of multiple choices and each question has 4 choices and 1 from each question is to be marked as correct option. There is no negative marking in the paper. Total no. of questions in the paper is 50 and each question is of equal marks. The paper contains questions such as on grammar, general knowledge and questions based on the theoretical type.

Frequently asked questions:

The paper contains questions such as the name of the author, general English based questions, grammatical questions, unit based questions, and the questions asked are of objective type. The paper contains questions with multiple choices and candidates should choose 1 correct option from each question, there is no scheme of negative marking for wrong answers in the paper.

Total marks and time allotted:

A total of 100 marks can be awarded in the paper and the duration of the paper is 1 hour and 15 minutes. Each question in the paper is of 2 marks each, each question is of equal marks.

Recommended Books:

  • English Literature by BK Sawlashwa
  • English Literature by Awasthi
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