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iSoft belongs to the IBA Health Group Company and this company happens to be one of the largest companies which offer healthcare IT solutions. Thousands of organizations of the healthcare sector use the solutions provided by iSoft for many core processes. The company has operations in more than 30 countries. iSoft recruits engineers for its various processes. The pattern of the recruitment process has been discussed below.

Test Stages:

The selection procedure of iSoft comprises of three stages. The first stage is a written test, followed by a group discussion. The last stage of the selection process is a personal interview.


The written test consists of three sections. The first section is Aptitude. There are 25 questions in this section. The second section is verbal section, with questions like fill in the blanks, synonyms, antonyms etc. The third section has C questions, 30 in number. The questions are mainly from variables and data types, pointers, functions etc. Those who clear the written test are called for the group discussion. Clearing the GD makes a student eligible for the personal interview.

Maximum Marks and cutoff:

The maximum marks are 70 and the cut off are 50. However, the test pattern and the maximum marks vary according to the institute which the company is visiting.

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