Karnataka Public Service Commission- Hindi (Paper II) Papers


About the examination:

Karnataka Public Service commission (KPSC) is said to be one of the most prestigious examinations held in the state of Karnataka and is used for recruiting candidates for the state civil services.

Examination pattern:

There are two rounds in this examination, prelims and mains. In mains one has to choose subjects from their own choices, even then there are two papers on each subject chosen.

About the paper:

Hindi paper 2 is one of the papers in the KPSC examination, and has two parts one and two. Both the papers have different syllabus and different question pattern. They are different papers requires to be attempted on different time period.


The following books by the following authors are to be read and one is asked questions based on the booklist and the prescribed pieces of literature- Kabir Granthavali by Shyam Sundar Das,
Bhramara Geet Saar , Andher Nagari, Chandragupta, Anamika etc by the following writers like Prem Chand, Agyena, Suryakant etc

Paper pattern:

The paper two is a subjective question paper with a mixture of compulsory and optional questions. It is divided into four sections A, B, C and D.A has 20 marks question in total and has questions required to elaborate a given topic or concept. Section B has 10 compulsory essay type questions and is allotted 100 marks. Section C has six questions each of 15 marks thereby making it a 90 marks section, finally section D has an option of choosing from 5 questions, and one needs to answer only 3 and is allotted 90 marks in total.

Full marks of the question and time allotted:

The total marks of the paper are 300, and the answers to all the questions are to be written in the time span of 3 hours only.

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