Karnataka Public Service Commission, Sociology (Paper II) Papers


Karnataka Public service commission is a governmental organisation in Karnataka. This organisation holds exams every year to select candidates to the various posts in the organisation. All the candidates have to answer four compulsory papers. The candidates are required to answer two subjects out of the available 12 in addition to the compulsory papers. Sociology is a paper that many opt for as one of the elective papers.

Summary of paper pattern

The questions in the paper are printed in Kannada and English to make things easy for the candidates. The questions in the paper are categorised into two sections. There are four questions in section A and the same number in section B. All the questions in both the sections have to be answered. Within some questions there is provision for internal choosing. All the questions in the paper are long answer types. Each question need to be of a particular word count. The word count will be present in the question. Paper 2 of sociology consists of descriptive questions only.

The paper consists of questions that deal with various aspects and regions of sociology. Extensive knowledge is required to score well.

Mark requirements

The total mark of the paper is 300. A candidate who secures at least 35% will be selected for the interview. The marks are divided equally between the sections. No time will be provided for reading the paper. This is because the exam is competitive. The seal of the booklet should be broken only on the command of the examiner. The duration of the exam is three hours.

Syllabus of the exam

Few areas of the syllabus:

•    Classical sociology
•    Perspective in Indian society
•    Social movements
•    Political sociology
•    Human resources and society

Scoring good

High score can be obtained only if you have good grasp of the entire syllabus. Making use of question papers will help to peak your score.

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