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The mathematics paper of KEAM Engineering takes place on the second day of the exam. It is an objective paper with 120 questions to be answered in a matter of 150 minutes. It is more like a speed and accuracy test aimed at assessing a person’s quantitative abilities to solve a wide range of questions orally. There is a rough sheet provided for any scribbling. But it is important to be able to solve the questions orally.

All the questions are from the syllabus of the higher secondary itself. Some of the topics include sets, relations and numbers, matrices, complex numbers, sequences and series form algebra; lines, circles, vectors and three dimensional geometry from geometry; statistics; derivatives, differentiation from calculus.

The paper also has negative marking so as to dissuade the students from simply guessing. You can still use the elimination method to find the correct answer. It is important to bear in mind that with each negative response you lose half mark.

It is important to solve previous years’ papers to be able to get a better idea of how much time to allot to each question. Since all questions are  carry equal marks, you can assume that the level of difficulty is also the same of each question.

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