KEAM Medical - Biology Papers


The KEAM Medical – Biology Paper is a 480 marks paper with 120 questions. All questions are of objective type and carry equal marks. Each question will have five alternatives to choose from. The correct answer has to be written on a separate answer sheet provided. There will be a sheet provided for rough work as well. The level of difficulty of the questions will be the same as the higher secondary level or equivalent exam. All the questions will be asked from the syllabus. The topics of the syllabus include diversity in the living world, plant kingdom, cell and cell division, physiology of plants, ecology and environment, reproduction, growth and development, animal kingdom etc.

There is negative marking on the paper. For each correct answer the student gets four marks and for each incorrect one half mark gets deducted. In case the student does not answer a question, no marks are added or deducted. In case the student marks more than one answer, neither of the answers is taken into consideration and the student is given no marks on the same. Always make sure to that you are able to complete the 120 question in the time duration of 150 minutes.

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    why aipmt 2007 mains paper is awailable anywhere?.is there any problem reported related to aipmt 2007 main..
    pls send me 2007 pmt main question paper if you get it.

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    need kerala ent questns….

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    answer keys can be found on keam official website

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    how can i get the answers for these papers?

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    Lily Evan:

    Why don you publish answer keys???

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    who coined the protozoa?