Sathyabhama University B.E/B. Tech- 1st Semester Engineering Mathematics-I Papers


Mathematics is said to be the backbone of engineering. As we all know that we need mathematics in every step of our life. This course of Sathyabhama University prepares the students with a vast knowledge of engineering mathematics which will be needed in their future career as an engineer.

Paper Description:

This is completely a theory based course which consists of an integrated series of lectures which urge the students to take interest on this subject and also to get a better grip of it. Engineering mathematics mainly deals with calculations related to various engineering subjects which the students need to know in order to get through the course successfully.

Frequently asked questions:

Some of the highlighted topics and questions that the students view every year are as follows:

Trigonometry is an important section from which questions often rises in the exams.

Arithmetic, harmonic and geometric progression is such a chapter from where tricky and time consuming questions arise.

Sums from binomial equations also appears in the paper to some extent.

Problems also come from parabola, hyperbola and gauss’s theorem.

Sums holding fewer marks come mainly from the chapter of integration and differentiation.

A fair number of problems also come from the geometry section.

Paper pattern:

The engineering Mathematics paper of Sathyabhama University is divided into three sections. Namely, group A, group B and group C.

Group A consists of multiple choice questions. The mark allotted to each question is two and the students have to attend ten questions out of all the given questions in this section. Group B consists of five questions from which the students have to select three. Marks allotted for each question is five. The total mark allotted to the section is fifteen. Group C consists of the lengthy sums with sub-divisions under every question. Marks allotted for every question in this section is fifteen. The candidates have to attend three out of the five questions.

Marks and Time Allotted

The total mark allotted to the entire paper is 80. And the total time given to complete the paper is 3 hours.

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