Kerala University, M.S. in Anatomy Papers


Kerala University is rich in heritage. India had a set of 16 Universities in all, out of which Kerala University was one. Founded in the year 1937, over the last few decades it has grown by leaps and bounds. It has nurtured talent and produced many eminent personalities in India.

Paper Pattern

There are mainly 4 parts of anatomy papers. The details are as follows:

Part 1: Gross Human Morphology & Anatomy of 100 marks for 3 hours
Part 2: Applied Human Anatomy of 100 marks for 3 hours
Part 3:Developmental& Microscopic Anatomy , Genetics and Anthropology.
Part 4: recent Advances &Neuro Anatomy of 100 marks for 3 hours

The papers are mainly divided into long questions and short notes sections. The long questions carry 20 marks whereas short question forms the remaining part of the paper, i.e., 80. Moreover the question papers may ask to draw various diagrams and body structures. Each paper is uniquely designed to test the overall knowledge of the candidate on the subject of anatomy and human body.

Frequently Asked Questions

A common trend is to ask for short notes on the various parts of human body like histology of retina, evolution of thumb, detailed description of the “ligament of knee”, development of aortic arches, connections and functions of cerebral cortex and white matter, detailed description of surgical anatomy of rectum and anal canal etc.

Time Allotted To Complete The Paper

A time span of 3 hours is allotted to complete each of these papers comprising of 100 marks questions each.

Recommended Books

A few of the recommended books, which would help to prepare one are as follows

-Gray’s anatomy by Williams et al & Livingstone Churchill.
-Clinical Neuroanatomy for Medical Students by Willian and Wilkins & Richard S. Snell,
-Genetic in Medicine by Thompson J.S. & Thompson M.W &W.B. Saunders & Co.
-Human Neuroanatomy, by Stuin J & Carpenter MB

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